Back it up or lose it

Back ups are a tedious subject but the fact is, if you don’t have it backed up, you’ll lose it, sooner or later. The most harrowing part of my job, is telling the fraught customer that I am unable to retrieve their cherished photos of little diddoms’ first steps, or their lovingly mixed playlists of irreplaceable sounds in iTunes. It’s a painful task that I have to do all too often.

Backing up is not hard to do.

The simplest (although not the most reliable) way to back up is to simply have an external drive connected to your Mac and follow the prompts to use ‘Time Machine’ for backup. This is an automated process, built into Mac OSX. The thing is, you have to regularly check that it is in fact backing up as it claims to be doing. You do this by opening up the Backups.backupdb folder on your backup drive and make sure there is a file with today or at least yesterday’s date on it. If there isn’t……. it’s time to call the Mac Doctor.

Other options include using dropbox or google drive for your essential files but a comprehensive strategy, involves customising to your particular situation,┬áso if you care about your data and want to rely on it’s continued integrity, give me a call 0411 562 111 or 02 6684 6191

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  1. Hi, I have a Macbook Air that I think is about to die. It is about 1.5 years old, never had any problems, until about 2 weeks ago it suddenly died completely when I wasn’t using it and it was plugged in. I was in Fiji at the time and took it straight to a computer repair place, they fixed it, but not sure what they did since when I picked it up the day after they guy who had worked on it wasn’t there. It has been running perfectly since but then today it suddenly died again when I was just writing a word doc, doing nothing special. it restarted this time, but it is now very noisy while before it didn’t make a sound. I am really worried it will die anytime now. It is essential for my work and I will be returning to fiji in a week or so and need it with me and keep alive for the year I am spending there, if possible. I don’t understand at all why it is having issues. Do you think you could fix it? I don’t currently have a car, based in North Ocean Shores and not sure how I could get to you .

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