I charge $98 per hour for my services.

I charge one way travel at my standard rate when called out beyond the local (Mullumbimby/Myocum) area.

I have a $85 minimum Charge for call outs or evaluations.

(i.e 0-45 mins = $85 then clock runs normally)

I charge $145 for written Insurance Claims

Discounts. I offer a 20% discount to Shearwater Steiner School families for the first visit.

2 thoughts on “Rates”

  1. Hi..how much would you charge to retrieve my data (mostly photos ) from my dead ( as in won’t turn on any more) desktop computer ? I am in Brunswick heads and I could bring it to you if needed . Thanks Bonnie Ps..it is an old DELL

    1. I should be able to retrieve your data but will only know by inspecting it. I will charge you $66 to check it out and a further $66 if I am successful, so $132 for a successful recovery. You would need to provide something to put the data onto, either a flash drive if it’s not much data or an externl hrd drive if there’s more than will fit on a USB stick

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