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The Best Kept Secret about the Mac you have right now

For under $500 you can have a superfast laptop or desktop, using the Mac you already have. Read on for details and ordering information.

Upgrade Special

As you may know, the latest, greatest flagship MacBook Pro is a sleek, fast all flash rocket. One I have the pleasure to be writing this on now. It’s also very expensive. Interestingly, in practical terms, it is not a lot faster than my beloved 3 year old 17″ MacBook Pro that I just traded up from. The reason for that, is that I had upgraded 17″ with a blazing fast Flash Drive and maxxed out the ram. It booted up in 17 seconds, opened apps lightning fast and my adsl internet connection couldn’t keep up with the speed of Safari.

This combination of enhancements makes your Mac so much faster you can’t believe that you put up that old spinning rainbow wheel for so long. The cost of flash storage is coming down and the quality is going up. This makes it possible for me to offer a turnkey upgrade (supply, install and set up) deal for as little as $420.

Call me now for details. 0411 562 111 or 02 6684 6191


Go all the Way.The ultimate Upgrade for your existing Mac. Laptop or desktop.

60 or 120GB OWC Mercury SSD. Up to 750B internal Hard Drive replacement. 4 or 8 or 16GB Ram (Depending on the machine). Blazing speed for a fraction of the price of a new Mac. 3 year warranty

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