I invite my satisfied (or otherwise) customers to say  a few words about you experience of my services. This can be very helpful for potential clients to get an idea of whether I’m walking my talk. Many thanks!

7 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Thanks Saul, Your quick response and thorough knowledge sorted out my problem. I’m happy to recommend the Mc Doctor, he knows his stuff

  2. I find Saul patient, thorough and efficient, with a kindly bedside manner as a bonus! He is generous in his on the spot advice, and available for immediate consultation.

  3. When I thought I had lost 30 000 words of the new novel I was working on one evening, I picked a name at random out of the Echo. I’m glad Saul’s name is the one that jumped out at me. He made himself available to retrieve my work then and there. This shows a few things about Saul – that he knows his stuff, that he’s quick to respond, and that he’s compassionate. I was in real distress as anyone who’s laboured over something they fear they might have lost would relate to. Since then Saul has quickly resolved problems on my computer which other computer professionals were unable to, and ‘shown me the ropes’ of my Mac in an efficient and useful way. I would highly recommend him.

  4. Hi Saul, just wanted to say thanks for your help in choosing and setting up my new iMac and for that final bit of essential set up for the NBN at home. As a result, I’m dazzled by the speed at which everything is now working. It’s changed my life. So much appreciated! Cheers

  5. My Mac is very old (8 years old) and was starting to run really slow – I considered buying a new one but did not have the money and saw the speed freak special offer that the Mac Docter offered, took it and it is like my mac is better than a new computer!

  6. First Class Service. Our MacBook Pro needed a service and a new battery. We were so impressed that Saul could book us in for a same day service as we live out of town. We had been told by another repairer that we would have to wait at least 3 weeks and then they would install the battery and then we had to go to the end of the queue again to have the computer serviced!!! They also said that they could not guarantee same day service for such a simple job. We are so happy with the excellent service we received at The Mac Doctor. We will be telling EVERYONE we know who owns a MacBook. Thank you very much Saul. Keep up the great work.

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